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DVD - česky!!!!

30. dubna 2008 v 17:56 Yu-Yu-Hakusho


Kod :303601
Platforma :playstation 2
Výrobce :atari
Stav :Nová
Cena při nákupu přes eshop vč. DPH 799 Kč

Change the world - text

30. dubna 2008 v 17:53 Inuyasha/Ranma
I want to change the world
kaze wo kakenukete nanimo osorezu ni
ima yuuki to egao no kakera daite
Change my mind
jounetsu tayasazu ni takanaru mirai e
te wo nobaseba kagayakeru hazu sa
It's wonderland
hai-iro no sora no kanata nanika oite kita
kimi wa mayoi nagara
kimi no kokoro furuete'ta asu no mienai yo
nanimo shinjirarezu mimi wo fusagu
kimi ni deaeta toki hontou no ibasho mitsuketa
nanigenai yasashisa ga koko ni atte
bokura mezameru
I want to change the world
nido to mayowanai kimi to iru mirai
katachi doreba doko made mo toberu sa
Change my mind
jounetsu tayasazu ni shiranai ashita e
tsubasa hiroge hanabatakeru hazu sa
It's wonderland
bokura wa onaji sekai wo oyogi-tsudzukete'ru
tagai no negai e todoku hi made
minna onaji fuan kakaete sasaeaeru yo
tachidomaru shunkan ni mitsumete'ru
kono basho ni iru
I want to change the world
kono te hanasazu ni mimamoru hitomi wo
uketometara nandatte dekiru hazu
Change my mind
hitori ni sasenai minna koko ni iru
donna koto mo tsukinukete ikou
It's wonderland
I want to change the world
kaze wo kakenukete nanimo osorezu ni
ima yuuki to egao no kakera daite
Change my mind
jounetsu tayasazu ni takanaru mirai e
te wo nobaseba kagayakeru hazu sa
It's wonderland

super hra

30. dubna 2008 v 17:51 hry

download hakusho

30. dubna 2008 v 17:49 | NarutKa-Mel
Tak tady máte downloady na písničky ... Pravým tlačítkem mysi na Download - Ulozit cíl jako ... (Save us) :

Opening písničky:
Hohoemi no Bakudan (1.) -
Ending písničky:

Homuwaku ga Owaranai (1.) -

Sayonara Byebye (2.) -

Unbalance Kiss (3.) -

Taiyou Ga Mata Kagayaku Toki (4.) -

Daydream Generation (5.) -


29. dubna 2008 v 19:12 testy/opt.klam
Nahoře vidiš 2 obrázky. Z tvé židle se ti zdá, že paní Nahněvaná je vlevo, paní Klidná vpravo.

Postav se přejdi 3 metry od tvého PC.


29. dubna 2008 v 19:11 | NarutKa-Mel
když si jen chcete poslechnout klikněte pravým tlačítkem miši na mp3 kterou si chcete poslechnout,pokud ji chcete stáhnout klikněte levým tlačítkem miši na nějakou mp3 a klikněte pak na uložit cíl jako...

vylet na korculiach1

28. dubna 2008 v 19:48 Ja, len ja...
Na korčuliach s najlepšiu kamoškou v krásnej Bartislave :-) Bolo suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupeeeeer!!!
toto som jaXD

Group yu gi oh

28. dubna 2008 v 13:09 MIX anime


28. dubna 2008 v 13:08 MIX anime


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28. dubna 2008 v 13:07 MIX anime

Yami Yugi

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27. dubna 2008 v 11:54 MIX anime
Chris (Dartz's daughter) 163x15.jpg163x16.jpgClipboard801.gifRapheal's brother and sister


27. dubna 2008 v 11:46 MIX anime


27. dubna 2008 v 11:34 MIX anime
Looks like a cute little puppy... WAIT A MINUTE! Thats not funny....
What Funny Picture are YOU? (really hilarious pics)
you are another favourite of mine, Sakuma Ryuichi. Talented, caring, childish and crazy, you light up everyones world.
which gravitation bishie are you?(now with pics)
You are most like Tatsuha! You may only be Yuki's younger brother, but that doesn't stop you from stealing the hearts of fangirls, although the only heart you want is Ryuichi's ^_~
It's Gravitation! Who are you?
You are Shindou Shuichi, the lead singer of Bad Luck! You're totally genki and kawaii ^-^ but you tend to be very sensitive and stubborn. You're madly in love with Yuki Eiri and would do anything for him. Sakuma Ryuichi is your idol and you became a singer to be just like him!
Which Gravitation Character Are You
You ideal Gravitation guy is Sakuma! YEAH!!!!
The Gravitation Dating Game
You are Ryuiichi Funny. Goofy. Legendary You are the legendary Ryuiichi Sakuma. An idol to all those after you. You are a silly little boy who is horrible at Japanese. You are rarely serious, but when you are, it's undoubtedly a very morbid situation. Shuiichi loves you to death, and you respect him, but you also want him to be his own person, you want him to shine, without holding back. A very caring individual.
Gravitation quiz
RYUICHI! Congrats, your guy is officially RYUICHI! You both like to draw and go flat oput HYPO! So get your butt down to the milkbar and treat him to a sherbet! ^.~
Which Gravitation guy is for you?"
You know of Nittle Grasper. Good for you! To learn more, check out Nittle Grasper.com
Do you know and love Nitlle Grasper? (Gravitation)"
You got Joey Wheeler. What a cutie. You have someone hwo will always be at your side and will always make you crack up.
Whose your yugioh valentine (for girls and updated with pics)"
you belong with kurama!

You got CAR! and if you read the quiz instead of going random, (like I do alot) you'd know that you got Kurama, aka, Minamino Shuichi! If I were like everyone else I'd say "he's mine" but he's just an anime character.... excuse me...... *cries*
Which Fullmetal Alchemist Character are you?
Which One Piece character are you? http://quizilla.com/users/FireAngelKei/quizzes/Which%20One%20Piece%20character%20are%20you%3F/ Which 'One Piece' Boy matches with you? http://quizilla.com/users/StigmaCowgirl/quizzes/_~_%20%20Which%20'One%20Piece'%20Boy%20matches%20with%20you%3F%20_~_%20(%20Has%20pics!%20)/ GYAAA! You got Ashton! You usually have very bad luck, so things don't always go your way, but you're a very kind soul who gets embarassed very easily. But don't let anybody get fooled by those clueless antics of yours. At heart, you are a fighter, and you fight to win! What Star Ocean man are you? http://quizilla.com/users/nurikonohime/quizzes/What%20Star%20Ocean%20man%20are%20you%3F/


27. dubna 2008 v 11:34 MIX anime
Which Starlight Is For You?

Fancy, dedicated, delicate and boyish. These are all words that could describe your perfect "one". They may come off as a bit snobby or into themselves most times, but that's only a front and those that get beyond that front see something wonderful. Your match was Kou Yaten/ Sailor Starhealer. While Yaten may have a taste for the more expensive things in life, Yaten still remains very devoted to those he loves and cares for. And if you ever win a sweetie's heart like Yaten's, then you will find their devtion and stead fast love something more precious than anything you'll ever know. Without a doubt, Yaten would give up everything on a whim for those whom he loved.
People don't often understand you - on one side, you like dressing up in animal clothes and maintaining the mentality of a seven year old. On another side, you can be serious when you want to, and you can give fairly good advice - but playing with your kumagorou is much more fun!
Which Gravitation Character Are You?
The Orichalcos has drawn you in, and you will not escape it's power. Dartz has you, and he has every intention of keeping you where you can serve him and the seal.
You can try to escape all you want, but you know you don't have a choice. You have to stay there, this is your destiny, and you know it in your heart.
Waking the Dragons (A Yu-Gi-Oh AdventureRomance Quiz for Girls) Path B Part 1
You are... Aeris Gainsborough! Young, beautiful, and a bit of a ditz at times. You spend your time looking after your flowers or selling them on the streets of the slums. You're the last(?) remaining ancient, and you posess the holy materia which was designed to save all humanity. Just try to keep your dress down when you're healing people.
The Excessively Large Final Fantasy 7 Character Resemblance Quiz"
You're Cosmo!! You're terribly amusing and always have the best lines.
You are a TOP Sailor Moon fan! the best there is^.^
Yaten Kou! Congrats on being snobby, blunt, and rude! you are also height challenged *snicker* You are still loyal though and will be nice when you want to be...
Door number 2. who awaits? None other than Seiya. He has the looks and ladies he has the money. Heh heh >< Hopefully that doesn't matter for you. He attracts you instantly. He has the fame but you want only his love. You want him to offer not whats outside but whats inside. Which in other words you don't want his money.
s e i y a - k o u

Yes thats right - Seiya, aka Sailor Star Fighter is your dream guy...
He;s totally head-over-heals with Usagi and transforms into a woman... what ever turns you on!
Ray: He comes from China so he loves nature and he will respect you the way you deserve to be respected. Yeah, I know, Maria loves him also, but you can share him or try to beat her in a Blade battle.
BeyBlade MatchMaker ( girls ONLY )
You got...Valen!!!mysterous, unexpecting, and cute!Hes tough and smart and i just love that austrailian accent!!!
A yu-gi-oh bishie quiz*girls and boys*(with really cool pics)^_^
You are the Crest of Friendship! You are kind, calm and caring, brave too. You value your friends more than anyone else, and would die for them. You can be somewhat distant at times, and feel as if no one understands you, but your friends are always there to cheer you up! You share the same crest as Yamato Ishida and Luna Minamoto! (Me!)
What Digimon Crest are you?